1998/11/21 - S.French - Added some more.
1998/10/04 - S.French - Consolidated from friends on the Internet!
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Christmas present ideas.

    - electric griddle
    - Bissel Little Green Machine (really helps save the carpets from those
          kids (and adult) spills)
    - Any Barbie stuff
    - Doll House accessories
    - American Girl Chapter Books
    - Craft sets
    - Stationary set
    - Diary (Journal) and Pen
    - Action figures
    - Match Box cars
    - large, matched bath/hand towels
    - high count cotton sheets
    - coffee grinder and starbucks coffee
    - wine
    - blockbuster video rental coupons
    - sound warehouse coupons
    - music CDs (this is tough unless you _know_ what they like and that
          they don't have it/them)
    - VHS Videos (same thing)
    - piggy banks (kids)
    - mold-your-own-face jello kits (kids (and adults?))
    - sunglasses and hats (kids)
    - Amazon.com gift certificates
    - beanie babies
    - Best Buy gift card
    - music CDs and VHS videos can be covered via the gift certificate
    - bath sets - bubble bath, loofah, luxurious washcloth and towel,
          candle, etc
    - book light for those who like to read in bed but don't want to turn
          on a light and disturb their partner
    - flexible ratcheting screwdriver (about $6 at Sears)
    - snakelight
    - filet mignon from Omaha Steaks
    - Legos
    - Brio train stuff
    - diecast metal cars, trucks & planes (e.g. Hot Wheels, etc.)
    - grapefruit & oranges
    - games (e.g. Life, chinese checkers)
    - wooden puzzles from The Puzzle People
          22719 Tree Farm Rd, Colfax, CA 95173
          800.443.4823; fax 916.637.4854
    - maple syrup from The Vermont Country Store,
    - Muffins, rolls, etc. from http://www.wolfermans.com/shopping.html
    - membership in local public radio or television station
    - gift certificate to a hardware store
    - Dates from Oasis Date Gardens, http://www.oasisdate.com/
    - payment to utility company (e.g. electric, gas, phone)
    - Hamilton Beach milkshake blender
    - nice wooden hangars for closets
    - Teas & Iced Tea Maker
    - Cookie Bouquet
    - Mikasa serving tray & cookies
    - Crabtree & Evelyn gift set (woman)
    - San Antonio River Mill pancake mixes & syrups

A cool idea:

    What my family does (we haven't been able to convince [spouse]'s
    family to do it) works well for families that "don't need
    anything".  For each of the adults for which we would ordinarily
    provide a gift, we select a charitable organization and do our
    gift-giving through them.  For instance, I might adopt an angel
    from an Angel tree for my mother's "gift", do the shopping, then
    write a "thank you" to my mother for providing a gift to someone.
    The "thank you" contains the information about the angel, age,
    name, sex, what was purchased, and goes under the Christmas tree
    to be opened Christmas morning.  If I know anything about the
    circumstances of the person for whom I shopped, I include that
    information in the "thank you", too.

Another cool idea:

    I have an Aunt who is getting up in years and a widow.  She is
    financially comfortable, though I would not say rich exactly.  The
    point is, I've never been able to think of anything I could offer
    her that wouldn't be more clutter in her (very neat) home.
      Last year, I got on the 'net and brought up maps-on-us and put
    in her address.  Then I used the yellow pages option to find
    florists within 5 or 10 miles of that address.  Then I called the
    ones nearest her home and made a deal with one of them to deliver
    to her a small flower arrangement once a month.  (I thought I
    would get a price break for ordering a full year of business at
    one time, but that didn't happen.  I still think florists should
    offer a package deal.)
       Anyway, my aunt has really enjoyed the flowers and has enjoyed
    the regular visit from the florist.  She has bragged about her
    "best Christmas gift" to family, neighbors, and friends.  It is
    without a doubt the most successful 'net work I've ever put