Thanksgiving in Kentucky
2001/11/22 - Stewart French

Anne and I decided to make a quick Thanksgiving trip this year to Kentucky. We only stayed 2 days, Thursday and Friday, driving up on Wednesday and back to Dallas on Friday. We had originally planned on stopping by my cousin Joyce's new house on Wednesday, but made a detour which threw off those plans.

On the drive up we got into very heavy traffic west of Memphis, TN. Last time we made the drive it was the same, stop and go traffic all the way through Memphis due to construction, then stop and go traffic again getting out of Nashville on the north. So this time, when we started hitting the heavy traffic we decided to take I-55 North on the west side of Memphis and head up into Missouri, then cross over the Mississippi into Tennessee, the catch the Western Kentucky Parkway. This worked _great_. There was very little traffic on this route. We did get a bit lost in Tennessee, but after about 1/2 hour wandering around we got back on track.

We had a wonderful time at Thanksgiving. My folks had chicken and dumplins, ham, green beans, dressing, and other food I can't remember. We all pitched in to help, including Lacey to eat it! The weather was unseasonably warm and we were able to really enjoy sitting around inside and out talking and visiting.

I brought a small cassette tape player with me this time to record their "remembers". We took out their photos and had them flip slowly through them and talk about what was happening in each photo. This turned out fantastic. I have 3 cassettes full of them talking about the photos. Now I have to get them transferred to mp3 and up on this web page.

We also spent some time trying to get my Dad's police scanner reprogrammed. With some work we finally got it back online so he can listen in to Radcliff, Ft. Knox, and Elizabethtown police to see what is going on!