On My Own

On my own,_ pre-tend-ing he's be-side-me._ All a-lone_ I walk with him 'til morn-ing. With-out him I feel his arms a-round me. And when I lose my way I close my eyes and he has found me. In the rain,_ the pave-ment shines like sil-ver._ All the lights_ are mist-y in the riv-er. In the dark-ness_ the trees are full of star-light. And all I see is him and me for-ev-er and for-ev-er. And I know_ it's on-ly in my mind_ that I'm talk-ing to my-self and not to him. And al-though I know that he is blind, Still I say there's a way for us. I love him,__ but when the night is o-ver,_ he is gone, the river's just a riv-er. With out him the world a-round me chang-es. The trees are bare and ev-'ry-where the streets are full of stran-gers. I love him,_ but ev-'ry day I'm learn-ing_ all my life_ I've on-ly been pre-tend-ing._ With out me his world will go on turn-ing._ The world is full of hap-pi-ness that I have nev-er known. I love him,_ I love him,_ I love him,_ but on-ly on my own. ----- end