Those Were The Days
From All In The Family

Boy, the way Glenn Mil-ler played_ songs that made the hit pa-rade._ Guys like me we had it made._ Those were the days._ Did-n't need no wel-fare state,_ ev-'ry-bod-y pulled his weight,_ gee our old La-Salle ran great._ Those were the days._ And you knew who you were then,_ girls were girls and men were men._ Mis-ter we could use a man like Her-bert Hoover a-gain._ Peo-ple seemed to be con-tent,_ fif-ty dol-lars paid the rent,_ freaks were in a cir-cus tent._ Those were the days._ Take a lit-tle Sun-day spin,_ go to watch the Dod-gers win._ Have your-self a dan-dy day, that cost you under a fin._ Hair was short and skirts were long._ Kate Smith real-ly sold a song._ I don't know just what went wrong,_ those wre the days._ ----- end