My dad lives in Radcliff, KY. In 1994 Colonel Arthur Kelley interviewed him for a book he was writing. My Dad got a copy of the tapes and made copies for my brother and I. I have carefully transcribed what he said by listening to the tapes. There are some drop-outs and misspellings, but I've tried to faithfully reproduce exactly what was said. -Stewart

  • tape1 - side1
  • tape1 - side2
  • tape2 - side1
  • tape2 - side2
  • tape3 - side1
  • tape3 - side2
  • tape4 - side1
  • tape4 - side2

    Listen to Morgan talk about seeing the 1st atomic bomb mushroom cloud over Hiroshima (on tape3side2).

    (.WAV file - 1.6Mbyte)