2009/09/10 - Stewart.French

Meredith French, Morgan and Maxine's grand-daughter, found these books and provided one of them each to Morgan and Maxine. Back on March 19, 2005 I sat down with them at their dining room table for several hours and asked the questions from the book, making an audio recording of their responses.

The book is -

The Story of a Lifetime: A Keepsake of Personal Memoirs by Stephen Pavuk and Pamela Pavuk

You can find it on Amazon.com.

Maxine Talks about the Meaning of Life, Mystery of Life, Values, and Advice for the Future

Tape 1 Side A
Tape 1 Side B
Tape 2 Side A
Tape 2 Side B
Tape 3 Side A
Tape 3 Side B
Tape 4 Side A
Tape 4 Side B

Tape 5 Side A
Here is more details on this tape. I will try to get to the other tapes soon! Tape 5 Side B