06/24/2000 - Waxahachie, TX - Cow Creek Classic - S.French
40 miles at about 15.5 MPH

This ride is always 1 week away from Tour D'Italia in Italy, TX, so we never have ridden here! This year we were in Kentucky the week before, the same week as Tour D'Italia. Oddly enough, we usually stay in Waxahachie when we go to the Tour D'Italy. Waxahachie has a lot of Bed and Breakfasts and a very good restaurant, Crazy Horse, that we always would eat at. This year we got up early Saturday morning and drove down the day of the ride.

This is a great ride. It rides the ridges around Ellis county Texas, with incredible vistas. We had overcast skies with a hint of rain, but no rain fell on us. This kept the temperature down, in the mid-upper 80s. The roads were uncrowded, mostly flat with some rolling hills.

We started at Lumpkin stadium near the high school, They had plenty of parking and very good organization. No problem getting registered and the starting line was right there in front of the stadium. There were maybe, 500 people there.

The one thing we remember about the rest stops were that they gave away small containers of Burleson Honey! We didn't take any, but it _was_ unique!

This ride is definitely a keeper!